Internship Reports

M1 Informatique, ENS Paris-Saclay

Due to the pandemic, we won't have internship defenses this year. Your internship will be evaluated based on (1) feedback from your supervisor and (2) your internship report.

Advice on your internship work and report

A committee of students and staff from the department has elaborated a document explaining how to make a good internship. Please read it carefully. It should be useful to make the most of your internship, avoid some problems and, last but not least, to write a good internship report.

Feedback from your supervisor

Please inform your advisor that he/she must:

Note that the above form is the only document that the department will use for getting feedback from your supervisor. Other forms from the school, sometimes found with your internship agreement, are not useful to us.

Internship reports

Internship reports must be uploaded to the serveur pedagogique before September 1st, 2020.

Writing an internship report is difficult. You should start working on it now, and seek help from your supervisor, and possibly also your tutor and myself. Of course, you should have read first our advices on how to write a good report.

Your report can be written in French or English. It would be a bad idea to write it in French if your supervisor does not read it.

Your report may start by a synthetic description as outlined in this template. You may include the information from the template using your own style, or even not include it at all if your introduction clearly indicates the expected information.

Your report must not exceed 18 pages in length for a long internship, and 12 pages for a short internship, using regular margins and font size. You can however include additional appendices, containing for instance proof details, software documentation, or a draft article; the point of the page limit is to force you to reflect on what is the main content of your report, and avoid getting yourself and your readers lost in the technical content, which should find its place in the appendices. Appendices may not be read by your referee.

Your title page must include the full information about your internship (your name, a title for the internship, that you are an M1 student in Computer Science at ENS Paris-Saclay in 2017--2018, the internship's dates and hosting institution, your supervisors' names).