ENS Paris-Saclay
Workshops in Cachan, 2018

Jan 22nd Program and references

Location: Amphi Chemla, ENS Paris-Saclay

13:30-14:45 Ulrich Schmid
Some Problems in Distributed Computing (and Beyond)

Background papers:
  • M. Herlihy, N. Shavit. The Topological Structure of Asynchronous Computability. JACM 46(6):858-923, Nov. 1999. The paper
  • J. Halpern, Y. Moses. Knowledge and common knowledge in a distributed environment. JACM 37(3):549-587, July 1990. The paper
  • D. Dolev, M. Függer, C. Lenzen, M. Posch, U. Schmid, and A. Steininger. Rigorously modeling self-stabilizing fault-tolerant circuits: An ultra-robust clocking scheme for systems-on-chip. Journal of Computer and System Sciences 80(4):860-900, 2014. The paper
  • K. Chatterjee, A. Pavlogiannis, A. Kößler, U. Schmid. Automated competitive analysis of real-time scheduling with graph games. Real-Time Systems 54(1):166-207, January 2018 The paper
  • M. Biely, P. Robinson, U. Schmid, M. Schwarz, K. Winkler. Gracefully Degrading Consensus and k-Set Agreement in Directed Dynamic Networks. Research Report TUW-258404, 2016, The paper

15:15-16:30 Serge Vaudenay
The LPN problem: Learning Parity with Noise

Background papers:

17:00-18:15 Achim Jung
The Church-Turing Thesis and Denotational Semantics

Further reading: annotated bibliography

Jan 30: Program and references

Location: Pavillon des Jardins, ENS Paris-Saclay

9:30-12:00 Martin Monperrus
Automatic Software Repair is Experimental Computer Science

Background papers:

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